Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cincinnati Innovates

One day while Twittering away before work, I got a DM by some lady from Cincinnati with the Twitter handle 'Jukemfootball'....Twighlight zone? No.

Are you still stuck on 'DM' and 'Twitter handle'? As you may well be aware, recent media coverage has spotlighted Twitter in connection to spreading global news (namely from Iran). I was lucky enough to finally make some use of the social networking craze via Twitter when I met a local Cincinnatian and inventor - Michelle Spelman.

Michelle 'DM' me (direct message is a way to privately speak with someone while using Twitter when exchanging emails, for example, or in this case juicy Cincinnati inventor competitions). Michelle shared with me her and her husband's invention called Jukem Football - a card game for kids with a football game strategy. She went on further to offer up a unique inventor competition in Cincinnati, Ohio geared towards fostering and supporting entrepreneurialism. "You should totally join!" she exclaimed and she sent me a link to submit my product. As an inventor myself, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in such a competition. And this is no ordinary contest usually seen online or sponsored by some bohemeth company. This is an acutal grass roots, team oriented support network fashioned to help people just like me achieve their dreams!

Who am I? I am a girl with a dream - a dream that would not leave my head for almost 7 years. I pulled my dirty, grimy cell phone out of my purse one day and nothing came to mind as to what to clean it off with. "And wouldn't it be great if I could clean my cell phone off with something that smelled good, like Pina Colada or fresh Berries?" I thought to myself. When the lightbulb went off over my head on that hot Cincinnati day years ago, I had no idea I'd be entering an inventor competition tipped off by another inventor I met on Twitter.

So I've entered the competition and I didn't give it much thought. Afterall I am up against a solar grill and some high tech surgical machinery. But wait! I am number 17 in the votes! So I have started feverishly tweeting about my competition to remind my followers on Twitter of my heated battle for Cincinnati entrepreneurial dollars, support and most importantly, validation that I've got a great idea.

You can browse the competition and vote for your favorites at That's the link for my submission but you can surf through others as well. In this current economic time, I encourage anyone with an idea to leap and let the net appear.

To check out Michelle Spelman's Jukem Football game visit

In addition, I have met some amazing female entrepreneurs on Twitter including (personalizable laptop covers), (never lose your ball glove again!), (entrepreneur, star and advocate) (Autobiography of my inspiration for starting a biz).

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